Welcome to the Honest Pantry co-op.

We are happy to see you are taking the initiative to bring fresh and natural produce back into your kitchen!

As a co-op, our mission is to support sustainable practices through supporting organic famers. By joining forces with our local community, we are able to offer products at wholesale prices.

We have a diverse inventory of dry goods for you to choose from, and as more people join, we will be able to add more variety to our selections. Please feel free to select from the list below and contact us for your order.

  • rolled oats                          $2.55/kg. (not organic)
  • coconut flour                      $7.00/kg.
  • almonds pesticide free     $10.90/kg
  • honey raw                           $14.30/kg
  • dates                                     $4.55/kg (not organic)
  • shredded coconut              $8.00/kg
  • linseed/flax seed               $8.50/kg
  • quinoa                                  $8.50/kg
  • coconut sugar                    $15.85/kg
  • rapadura                             $7.50
  • brown rice                          $6.00/kg
  • white rice                            $4.50 /kg
  • chia seeds white                $10.90 200/gr
  • spelt flour                             $5.25/kg
  • coconut oil                           $17.70/ltr (virgin, raw)
  • apple cider vinegar            $35.75/5 ltr.
  • raw cashews                       $18/kg
  • Goji berries                       14.50/500gr
  • flax seeds                         $8.75/kg
  • sultanas                             $10.50/kg
  • coconut nectar $14.95/ltr
  • coconut sugar (if in stock) $15.85/kg
  • Planet Organic Calming Tea bags $3.65 (25bags in a box)
  • vanilla powder 100 grams $19.50
  • red lentils 7.50/kg
  • cinnamon powder $4.45/100gr
  • black chia seeds $10.90/250gr
  • cocoa powder raw organic $26.50/kg
  • whole wheat bakers flour 5kg $14.25
  • hazelnuts $21.70/kg
  • Apple Cider Vinegar $7.15/ltr
  • Dried Apricots $4.50/250gr
  • brazil nuts $22.60/kg

We have access to about a 1000 different products including a large range of dried fruits, nuts, gluten free flours and tea. If there is anything in particular you would like to order, or you have more questions, please email me at annemarie@honestpantry.com.au