There is a rise in the trend of “The Organic Home Garden” and what a wonderful trend this is! Why is this becoming so popular, though? This is one of the questions I was asked recently for a popular home blog. As parts of the interview were edited to fit it into a quick story, I have decided to publish the whole interview on my blog. Over the next view weeks I will take you through a quick gardening 101.

Q: Why is edible gardening becoming so popular?

A: There is a movement on the rise of a generation of people who believe in organic living and health & wellness. With the internet and social media it is so easy to share information with each other and help each other getting well.

We haven’t done the planet a favour over the decades and we know it. We are all getting sicker and this generation is the first where parents might outlive their children! I am sure you have heard that said before.

We need a more sustainable way of living, as we are realising that our health is our responsibility and not that of the government, food manufacturers or food marketers
We all know that the way of modern agriculture has brought us, together with some solutions, also many problems.

CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation), GMO corn, soy, cotton, imported contaminated fruits from countries using pesticides banned in Australia or worse still using human poop as a fertiliser, nutritionally depleted fruits and vegetables due to mineral depleted soils, caused by synthetically manufactured chemicals, cancerous pesticides and fertilisers just to name a few. It is not sustainable to continue to live like this and expect us to thrive. It is important to work with nature rather than trying to artificially control it. I think there needs to be more balance. This is why we start to see a shift as people are starting to realise that organic farming is a better way of farming for our health and the health of this planet.

If all of us had a small edible garden it would really help to take some pressure of this agricultural monster.
Growing your own food brings such an awareness of life and creation as it really connects you to nature, yourself and each other. You can change the world one garden at the time.



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