I was recently interviewed about my edible garden. As parts of the interview were edited to fit it into a quick story, I have decided to publish the whole interview on my blog. Over the next view weeks I will take you through a quick gardening 101. Last week I shared about the trend of “The Organic Home Garden” You read about that here.

Q:What do you need to consider when building your edible garden?

A: Simply put, position and location are key. Let’s break that down into 4 important areas:


  • In permaculture we work in zones, with zone 1 being closest to the kitchen. We often refer to that as the kitchen garden. It is the area you most frequently visit. You use your herbs and veggies daily, so I advise to keep them close to the kitchen.
  • Of course a sunny location is important for your plants to grow and thrive. Especially fruiting plants need at least 4-6 hours of sun to give you a decent harvest. When your plant requires full sun as per the instruction on the ticket, be aware that this is referring to the European sun. In Australia our sun is fierce and 4-6 hours is sufficient. If your garden does get full sun daily in summer, it might be a good idea to provide your patch with some shade. The rate of photosynthesis levels off at around 36 degrees celcius.
  • A wind protected area is equally important for the protection of your plants. I have seen plants ripped out of my garden during a common summer storm. It is devastating after all the work you have put in to see your silverbeet scattered across your yard.
  • Is there a water source nearby? Don’t forget to make sure you are able to bring the water to your patch. Best way is to make use of drip irrigation with a timer. You can go away for a holiday knowing your plants are taken care of.

Now go out and get your hands dirty and enjoy the fruit of your labour!


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