In winter time, salads are not my daily choice of food, like they are in summer. I tend to go for the warm and comforting foods I grew up with in The Netherlands where it is always cold and rainy.

Now living in Australia where the weather is so different, I have found that my diet has changed according to the climate. Although winter here in Sydney can be rather cold as well, during the day we often have beautiful clear skies with full sunshine. Some days you can still wear short sleeves even. So nice. During the winter season I do enjoy a salad every now and again and in particular I like to enjoy a pressed salad. 

A pressed salad is more a vegetable salad, than a lettuce salad. it is packed full with nutrient dense and low calorie vegetables from all colours of the rainbow. What I love most about this salad is the fact that all the vegetables in it can be eaten raw, to give you an extra boost of precious enzymes that otherwise would have been destroyed in the cooking process. Because of the way the salad is prepared, the raw vegetable fibers become soft and thus easily digestible. The salad also goes through a slight fermentation process providing you with beneficial bacteria. You can use any vegetable you like, but I like to stick with cruciferous vegetables mainly as they give you the added benefit of immune boosting and cancer fighting activity through the release of powerful ITC’s (isothiocyanates) a compound found only in cruciferous vegetables. 


  • celery stalk

  • kale

  • bok choy

  • carrot

  • red radish

  • cabbage red and green

  • spring onion

  • pear

Grate, shred, cut or slice all vegetables and put them in a bowl. Per 3 cups of vegetables add 1/2 a teaspoon of sea salt or rock salt. Take the vegetables in your hand and gently massage them. You will notice that water gets released and the vegetables will reduce in size. Once you have massaged the vegetables for a minute or so, put a plate on top of the salad and a heavy jar filled with water to continue the pressing process. You can press the salad for up to 5 hours or just 30 min. This is up to you. Once you are ready to stop pressing, drain of the liquid. If it is to salty, give it a bit of a rinse. Dress the salad with some apple cider vinegar, a squeeze of lemon or a drizzle of honey and enjoy. 

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