This is 1 serve of vegetables. 75gr, 1/2 a cup. We are advised as adults to eat at least 5 of these serves every day and our children to have at least 2 serves, but from research we know that many struggle to reach this number of serves.

I want to give you a few ideas to help you reach your daily quota. In the morning most of us reach for the cereal, after all it is so quick and easy. But by doing so you miss out on an awesome opportunity to start of your day with a serve or 2.

Let’s us start with a satisfying breakfast;
  • How about  some eggs with a side of sauteed spinach, mushrooms and baked beans next time? 1 cup of raw spinach is 1 serve, but by the time you saute that not much is left over, add 1/2 a cup of mushrooms and 1/2 a cup of baked beans and you are well over half way of your daily quota! And who doesn’t love a full breakfast first thing in the morning?
If you have a sandwich for lunch or a wrap;
  • why not pack it with a cup of salad greens or sprouts, some cucumber and tomato. Add some chicken, cheese or beef and you will be sweet for the rest of the afternoon plus you got another serve out of the way!
If you are a salad person;
  • 2 cups of leafy salad greens make up 2 serves, add some carrot, tomato, cucumber, red onion and you are well on your way to the nirvana of ultimate health 😉
  • Coleslaw (homemade!) is another awesome salad full of natures cancer fighting goodness. The small green cup in the picture above is exactly 1 serve of rainbow coleslaw. I bet you can easily devour 3 serves in one sitting!
How about an afternoon snack, I hear you ask,
  • Some raw carrots, celery sticks, cucumber and cherry tomatoes served with hommus is delicious way to get those life giving phytonutrients into your cells. And this is a great snack for morning tea or afternoon tea instead of the office donuts that get passed around! Just have those donuts after the healthy stuff, okay? 😉
Now that you are already 4 serves in, dinner will be easy.
  • Just pick your favourite vegetable and have 75 grams of it. But if you had cereal for breakfast, well, you will need to have 300 grams of you favourite vegetables. How about some delicious roasted broccoli or cauliflower, topped with some grated cheese? Another favourite of mine are green beans and carrots, covered in butter and a little bit of garlic.

Please share with us on Facebook your favourite way to get your veggies in? Do you know how many serves you get each day?

Try to reach the 5 serves a day goal and observe how you feel.

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