I have previously posted an article about making vegetable stock concentrate at home. Vegetable stock concentrate is an item I use in a lot of my dishes to give it an extra boost of flavour. Especially in soups and casseroles it is a welcome addition. Previously I bought vegetable stock cubes, which were not too bad, since I always suss out the best and least chemically laden ones available. But as we all know, this comes with a rather large price tag. Instead of buying expensive stock cubes now, I make my own.

There are all sorts of different recipe combinations possible to make these. Therefore it is a brilliant way to use up fresh produce which has nearly died in the fridge. I am sure the celery really appreciates it that you did not throw her out into the trash, but instead put her to good use 😉

If you click here you will be able to read the recipe and start making your own stock. It is very rewarding, I promise.


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