Vegetables and fruits come in several different colours, which I am sure you all have noticed!

If you eat at least (and I do recommend you eat more) the 5 recommended servings of vegetables daily, you can almost eat a rainbow of colours. Colours who each serve a special purpose to your health. How cool is that!

All vegetables apart from having vitamins and minerals, also contain several disease fighting PHYTONUTRIENTS. Each colour made up of different phytonutrients and each phytonutrient serves a different purpose. But all phytonutrients have anti oxidant promoting activities. Anti oxidants help to neutralise free radicals therefore preventing cell damage and damage to our DNA. DNA methylation when accumulated results in cancer. More reason to eat several rainbows every day!

Let’s have a look at each colour and it’s super powers:

Phytonutrients can often be identified by the colour of the vegetable.

  • Blue & purple foods like berries, eggplant, red cabbage are rich in flavanoids
  • Yellow & orange foods like carrots, squash, pumpkin, papaya and melon are rich in beta carotene, hesperidin, lutein/zeaxanthin.
  • Red & pink food like tomatoes, guava, cherries, watermelon are rich in lycopene.
  • Green foods like kale, spinach, collard greens are rich in¬†indoles.
  • White foods like garlic, onion, leek are rich in powerful sulphur containing phytonutrients


THINK: Heart, Brain, Bone, Arteries & Cognitive health. Also fights cancer and supports healthy ageing


THINK: Eye health, Healthy immune function, Healthy growth and development


THINK: Prostate, Urinary tract and DNA health. Protects against Cancer and Heart disease.


THINK: Eye health, Arterial function, Lung health, Liver function and Cell health. Also helps Wound healing and Gum health.


THINK: Healthy bones, Circulatory system, Fights Heart disease and Cancer


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