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A word of wisdom from my kitchen pantry – part 2

As promised, part 2 of the topic “wisdom from my kitchen pantry”.

Previously we discussed the principle of buying in bulk, online and direct from the farmer. This really helps not only your wallet, but it also supports the local farmers who work so hard to make a living. So, now that we have stocked our pantry, what do I do with all this food????

Here is a list of kitchen equipment i use for food preparation, I simply can’t live without them:

I have had my slow cooker for many years now. I bought it when we had our first child. It made life so much easier. You simply throw a whole bunch of ingredients in there, let it cook for 8 or so hours and away you go. BRILLIANT invention. It makes so much, that you can freeze half for the following weeks menu. AWESOME!

My Thermomix entered our family about 18 months ago. This machine is capable of anything. If you don’t believe me google it. In my Thermomix I make yoghurt, for example,  or ice cream. I knead all my bread dough in it too. Every morning we make smoothies in it. And at night I cook a meal in it. If you don’t have a Thermomix, don’t worry, you can get a lot of use out of a blender or food processor. I do believe that 1 of those items is a must in a healthy kitchen.

Of course we all have an oven! I hope…..I almost use it daily for baking. Or to keep my culturing yoghurt warm.

So, if you have access to those 3 items, than you have a very well equipped kitchen.

In the last part of this topic I will share with you a few meals we like to enjoy with our pantry items. Stay tuned!



Freedom from these chains

For about 2 years now, as a family we have been trying to get away from the “duopoly” of Australian supermarket chains. No need to mention the names of these 2 giants who are trying to take over the entire market and your life and squeezing the last life out of the little guys who are trying to make an honest living.

So, with this in mind I started our journey to freedom from these chains (pun intended). Along the way I have learned everything from how to make butter with fresh milk from the farmer, to how to make my own bread without using a prepackaged yeast, to making our own toothpaste.

Over the next few posts, I will help you in your journey to freedom from these chains.

The first thing you might want to consider is looking for, or organizing your own co-op. A co-op or cooperative is a group of people who work together to receive mutual benefits through a joint purchase of bulk goods. In this case I am talking about buying fruit and vegetables directly from the farmers or the market garden (e.g Flemington Markets in Sydney).

I am part of a co-op that organizes a box of fruit and veggies every fortnight for cost price. We can do this because it comes straight from the farmer or the market and the produce is bought in bulk. You, as a co-op are entitled to bulk or wholesale prices, which keeps more dollars in your wallet and fresher food in your tummy.

Our co-op also donates $5 of each box to build wells in Cambodia, which I love about our co-op, because it makes a large difference in someone else’s life and not a large profit in Mr. Coles’ pocket.

So, it’s easy to get started. Simply get some friends, family or neighbours together, find your local farmer or market and share the duties of picking up the produce each week or fortnight. You will see the difference in your grocery budget and eat seasonal food (instead of 12 month old apples from China).

Summary of all the benefits of joining a co-op

  • It builds community
  • You will eat fresh food in season
  • Supports your local growers
  • Reduces your carbon foot print
  • Saves money

So, what are you waiting for?