A car gets you from one physical location to another physical location. But what gets you from an undesirable path to your desired path of life?

Lets talk about intentions, one of the first things I have my clients think about and write down.

Without an intention or goal you have no direction or map of where you are heading and how you are planning on getting there.

  • Where do you want to go?
  • What do you want, what do you REALLY want and WHY?

For an intention or goal to really work, they have to come from a deep desire to change the course of your path. Is the situation you are finding yourself in right now so dire that you’ll do anything to change it to a life that you know brings you true happiness and joy?

If your intentions are strong you are more likely to stay FOCUSED and keep on course.

It is your inner motivation and conviction that gives you strength and stickability to keep on going, rather than others motivating you to do something that at the time seemed a “good Idea”.

A strong intention is NEVER “a good idea”, but always a life and death situation for the one who sets the goal. A “good idea” is not what gets you to your desired end result, EVER.

Making positive changes in your life can hurt, they are often sacrificial therefore always costing you something. If your intentions are not strong enough you will come up with every single excuse under the sun as to why you can not do what you set out to achieve. It usually only takes 3 days into your journey to start making excuses.

  • I don’t have time to cook
  • I don’t eat vegetables
  • I don’t like salads
  • I can’t stop eating lollies, chocolates, cookies etc
  • I hate walking, it’s raining, cold
  • I have to get up too early to get to work so I can’t make breakfast
  • I don’t want to send through my numbers everyday

And there are many more excuses I have heard in the past from people who came to me for weight loss and health coaching. The funniest excuse I ever heard was from someone who did not send through his numbers to me each morning. Food diary, step count, weight and weight loss for the day. His excuse? I DON’T HAVE SCALES.  ‘Sigh’

With strong intentions you’ll still have hurdles, but instead of finding EXCUSES, you’ll find SOLUTIONS. 



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