Mulching is such a simple thing to do, so easy and so rewarding. In fact there are only benefits to mulching your gardens. But when I drive through the country side and look at all the bare farm land, I wonder why those farmers don’t bother protecting their soil from the elements.

Mulching protects the soil from the damaging effects of wind, sun and water. Mulches have so many function and a lot of benefits. Let’s have a look at some of these;

  1. They prevent evaporation of the moisture in your soil. Especially helpful in summer.
  2. They absorb water on the surface and hold it there until it has time to be absorbed.
  3. Mulches reduce erosion from gravity, wind and water.
  4. they keep your soil warm in winter and cool in the extreme summer heat.
  5. They suppress weeds, which also robs the soil of water.
  6. Mulches supply nutrients and organic matter to soils.
  7. Mulches are one way of using up your garden surplus. (lawn clippings, newspaper)

I sometimes use sugar cane mulch, which is a fantastic product. But because I have chickens I use the lucerne hay they have been pooping on for weeks and I scoop the whole thing onto my patch. Full of nutrients for my garden.

At the moment I am in the process of growing the Lucerne grass in my chicken pen, because not only do my chickens love it, it also can be cut and used as mulch and when I grow it myself it’s free. Who doesn’t love that?

So, go out into your patch and give a bit off dress up. Your vegetables will love it!




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