Today, we are planting seedlings that we grew ourselves from seed. They have grown large enough to be transplanted in our large bed and it is the right time of the month to do it.



Most people would say it’s very difficult to grow plants from seed and in all honesty, it can be a challenge. But once you have worked out how to do it, it is actually really easy and very economical.

What you need are good quality seeds. Not the hybrid kind from Bunnings or any other big company. You want Heirloom seeds from places like Eden Seeds or Diggers.

Secondly, very important is that we plant those seeds in a good quality vegetable mix, not a seed raising mix. I have not had any success with growing a viable seedling in seed raising mix, EVER! Seed raising mix does not have enough nutrients to sustain the growing plant. My friend Kathryn from The Homegrown Country Life got me onto growing seeds in normal soil. Great success!

Thirdly, you should plant according to the cycles of the moon. It makes a huge difference in how your seeds turn out. I bought my Moon Planting Calendar from Diggers.

Once the seeds are sown you need to make sure the soil is damp. I use a spray bottle to water. Once the plants are a bit bigger I will use a regular watering can to water them. You have to make sure not to drown them with water. Using a large pot is helpful because it retains the moisture but also drains the water nicely to the bottom away from the roots.  The small black containers in which you would buy seedlings from Bunnings are not that great as they can be overwatered. So, I now use a large orange pot and I am very happy with the results.

Once your seedlings have developed their second set of leaves you can transpant them into your garden bed.













When the new seedlings are in their bed make sure you give them a sprinkle of water and very importantly, cover the soil with mulch. This retains the moisture in the soil.

There you go, I hope this may make your seed sowing adventure a successful one too!

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